EquipX, LLC is a Miami based, privately-owned, software company that developed a proprietary and industry-changing technological solution for the costly challenge of capital equipment disposition in the healthcare environment. The EquipX solution is based on unlocking the cash value of depreciated medical equipment using a pricing analysis algorithm and a virtual global e-marketplace for medical equipment with scheduled retirement dates.

The EquipX software suite and global equipment marketplace provide a vertically integrated solution for hospitals to easily appraise the cash value of their capital equipment. EquipX provides the option to place working equipment in a pre-sale pipeline, thereby realizing a higher price than with traditional disposition using pre-owned equipment dealers or trade-in against new equipment.

The EquipX concept is based on the fact that, by scheduling working equipment for sale at a defined future retirement date, buyer confidence will increase and with it the willingness to pay the TRUE fair market value (as determined by the EquipX appraisal tool).

The EquipX solution enables hospitals to convert balance sheet liabilities into cash assets AND creates a SECONDARY MARKET. This unique process ensures that equipment will be sold at optimal cash value. The EquipX automated appraisal and pricing modules provide authoritative decision support tools for effective disposition and strong incentives for buyers of pre-owned medical equipment.

The Market Need


Healthcare costs are rising every year. Reimbursements are declining. Expensive and underutilized equipment assets are a significant part of the financial challenges that healthcare leaders contend with in running their hospital/ clinic operations in the most cost effective way. There are over 5,600 registered hospitals in the United States. The U.S. medical device market is estimated at over $125 billion. Healthcare reform, increased regulatory scrutiny, reduced hospital operating budgets, tight credit markets, and a sluggish economy have all negatively impacted the healthcare marketplace. Many hospitals are operating on very tight and reduced budgets. The cost of purchasing new expensive medical equipment has become even more challenging and can significantly reduce the finances of a healthcare institution. The worldwide demand for certified pre-owned medical equipment and services is increasing in emerging markets as these economies grow and their population ages. The global pre-owned medical equipment market is estimated to worth $8.45 billion by 2017 with an annual growth rate estimated at 7.8% over the next 5 years.

Our Services



Hospital equipment disposal options have primarily remained the same for decades:

  1. Trade in the equipment as part of the process to purchase new equipment (this typically generates pennies on the dollar of the true value of the equipment and also forces the facility into buying the new equipment from that particular supplier)
  2. Sell the equipment through an auction process that also provides minimal if any financial return to the healthcare organization
  3. Sell the equipment in the local market to “dealers” who sometimes work on consignment or pay very little for the equipment
  4. Move the equipment into storage where the equipment will sit idle for years in a warehouse or in an underutilized area of the facility costing overhead/storage fees and possibly wasting valuable real estate



The cost of purchasing new medical equipment continues to become ever more expensive and can potentially lock a healthcare facility into a large capital investment that ends up being an underutilized asset for many years. Most hospitals and healthcare centers have underutilized and excess inventory of medical equipment sitting idly in their facilities.

So instead of waiting for the full depreciation (typically 7 years) to occur and then sitting on equipment that is now worth significantly less in capital value, why not use the EquipX’s software solution to determine whether it makes more business sense to sell the equipment when the hospital can receive a much greater financial return? This is how EquipX can turn an underutilized liability into a cash asset freeing up needed capital to potentially purchase or lease new equipment at the time it is needed.

The EquipX Marketplace


The EquipX Marketplace brings all relevant parties in pre-owned medical equipment transaction process to a single site saving time and money for all involved. All pertinent information is clear and transparent minimizing transaction risks and friction.

For further details about the characteristics of each segment click the corresponding sections in the image.

Healthcare Sellers - Over 5,600 registered hospitals in the United States alone

Manufactures and Partners - Coordinate directly with business partners to facilitate both new and refurbished equipment transactions (financial, logistics, and support).

Agents and Resellers Marketing and Sales: Facilitate the communications and transactions between potential buyers and sellers across different geographical regions

Customer Support and Service - Assure manufacturing specifications are met, verifies written procedure/schedule for maintenance and written documentation showing the scheduled maintenance activities are performed

Inspection / Refurbished / Warranty – Govern important issues including who and which factors determine whether the medical equipment requires repair, routine maintenance, manufacturing defects and normal wear-and-tear coverage, response times, uptime guarantees and third-party or OEM services

Healthcare Buyers – Tens of thousands of medical facilities worldwide can greatly benefit from U.S.-based pre-owned medical devices

Financing – Medical devices transactions usually require financing. While there are multiple methods of financing a transaction, it is typically not an easy process, and the optimal approach is a function of many factors. Providing all the relevant information in a clear and transparent manner can minimize financial risk and increase efficiencies.

Exchange Market – Bringing all relevant parties in the pre-owned medical equipment transaction process to a single site saves time and money for all involved. Clear and transparent pertinent information minimizes transaction risks and friction.

Appraisal – Pre-owned medical device valuations can be different depending on the circumstances in which they are used and the purposes for which they are sought. Appraisals often call for more than one valuation concept. The appraisal process requires sophistication and intelligence in selecting the right valuation concept(s) to use.

Analytics – Determining if and when to buy or sell medical devices requires in-depth insights into cost-of-ownership, utilization rates and profit-and-loss analysis as well as a detailed examination of the alternative options. Bringing all the key metrics in one easy-to-understand display can lead to informative and intelligent decisions.

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