The EquipX Software Platform powers your
complete equipment lifecycle management solution.

The EquipX software platform is an analytics platform at its core. Built on scalable, highly secure technologies, the EquipX platform easily aggregates information from various HIS systems using its integration module, with minimal impact on existing IT resources. Proprietary algorithms determine market value of capital equipment, the most accurate source of this information for health systems today. The EquipX simulation engine powers the Equipment Impact Analyzer module, allowing management to understand the impact of various “what-if” scenarios related to equipment utilization, operating costs, revenue generation, procurement, and sale.

EquipX Platform Diagram

EquipX Lifecycle Optimization Platform

Purchase Advisor
Purchase Advisor provides the best venue (ROI, lease vs buy, etc.) to acquire new medical equipment.

Appraisal Calculator
Appraisal Calculator provides the health system with the current market value of their medical equipment inventory.

Marketplace brings buyers and sellers together in a transparent platform to maximize the financial return for both parties.

Capital Budget
Capital Budget provides decision makers with tools to optimize financial performance for capital equipment expenditures.

Notification System
Notification System sends timely alerts regarding equipment portfolio and financial trends to stakeholders.

EquipX Dashboard
The EquipX Dashboard aggregates data into a visual summary, with at-a-glance, real-time information for financial, clinical, service-line, and procurement leaders. From the dashboard, users can drill-down into detailed information at the system, hospital, department, site, and individual equipment level.

See how EquipX drives exponential intelligence for healthcare profitabilty.

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