EquipX Maximizes the Profitability of Expensive Clinical Equipment Assets

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The EquipX software platform drives transparent, data-driven decisions to optimize the utilization and margin of clinical equipment portfolios.

Hospitals and health systems across the country are facing rising capital equipment costs and declining reimbursements, increasing pressure on already slim margins. EquipX was designed to deliver complete transparency into utilization, total operating costs, revenue generation, and actual market value of clinical equipment assets – transforming capital planning into a strategic activity to improve health system profitability.

With EquipX, you can easily answer:
Are we correctly prioritizing capital budget requests?
Where is equipment sitting idle?
What is the value of our equipment portfolio?
Is our equipment generating revenue or losing money?
…and much more!

What is Your X?

Increased margin. More capital. Real inventory valuation. See what optimizing the financial performance of your clinical equipment could mean for you.

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“MHS’s X is millions. EquipX allows us to gain never-before-seen insight into our capital equipment portfolio, yielding significant opportunities to generate untapped funds to invest in our health system’s most critical priorities.”

Matthew Muhart, EVP and CAO, Memorial Healthcare System

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EquipX Solutions

The EquipX Software Platform gives you complete visibility into your equipment portfolio – at your fingertips.
✓ Get accurate capital planning based on predictive analytics
✓ See a profit and loss (P&L) view of each piece of equipment
✓ Understand equipment needs based on financial and operational intelligence
✓ Determine equipment value based on market value

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